Transform Your Home with a Skylight

If you’re looking to create a home that feels like a resort and has an abundance of natural light, why not opt for a skylight? Choosing a skylight from a reputable company like VELUX can transform your home, altering the feel and atmosphere of your spaces.

There are a multitude of benefits to installing a VELUX skylight in your home. A skylight can increase fresh air in the home, provide access to the outdoors, cut down your energy bill and ensure increased ventilation.

Keep reading to discover how a skylight can transform each room of your home.


A skylight in the bathroom can help strike the perfect balance between relaxation and decadence. It’s a simple and striking design element that will improve your lifestyle and elevate your design.

If you start your day with a morning shower, you’ll be greeted by a flood of natural light – it’s an excellent way to keep the bathroom private while still having all the advantages of natural sunlight. Plus, the experience of showering under the sun will bring to mind experiences of tropical luxury.

On the flip side, a night-time bath will be elevated with views of the stars. While the bathroom can often be a space that is used purely for its functionality, a skylight will allow you to indulge in self-care and relaxation. With a skylight, you’ll create a haven of luxury.


Cooking requires functionality, comfort and accessibility and a skylight will help you achieve this. Cooking a family meal will be an enjoyable and easy experience, as you’ll be able to prepare meals while enjoying the radiance of natural light. Better ventilation and airflow will also stop the room from becoming stuffy and reduce smells from ovens and cooktops.

Living area

The modern living room is all about maximal airflow and wide, open spaces. This can be achieved with the help of a skylight. Besides increasing the amount of natural light in your home, a skylight can make a room feels larger and more spacious, which is integral to setting the right mood. A skylight will make your living room feel fresh, modern and very welcoming to guests.

With stunning views to the sky and natural foliage surrounding your home, it can also help induce a sense of calm and wellbeing, which is perfect for rooms dedicated to leisure, relaxation and rest.

Which skylight brand is right for me?

After many years of installing skylights across homes in Brisbane, we highly recommend opting for a world-leading VELUX skylight which is made for Australian conditions. VELUX skylights are hail tested, bushfire BAL 40 rated and cyclone tested.

In addition, VELUX skylights come with energy-efficient glazing, solar power and have a built-in rain sensor that will automatically shut when it rains. VELUX is the only skylight in Australia to have Codemark certification.

If you’re ready to create a luxurious space with a VELUX skylight, Klinge Constructions can help! Get in touch today to take your interiors to new heights today.

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