Holiday Living on the Gold Coast

Q&A with Harry Poulos Architects

A marvel of modern architecture, with an incredible angular design, our recently completed Gold Coast home is one of our most unique projects to date. We had the pleasure of partnering with our long-time collaborators Harry Poulos Architects to transform a classic beach bungalow into an exceptional holiday house.

With direct access to the beach, Harry Poulos Architects were required to design a home that would withstand the harsh coastal conditions, while also crafting a design that would allow our clients to enjoy their surrounds.

To discover more about this project, we spoke to Harry Poulos himself about the process of designing this home and many of his other award-winning designs.

Klinge Constructions: What was the most important part of designing this home?

Harry Poulos: Definitely the briefing stage. A design comes from understanding and listening to a client – this is fundamental to the design process and the relationship here is critical to the success of a project.

Klinge Constructions: How important was the collaboration between architect and builder?

Harry Poulos: The collaboration with the builder, we believe, is paramount to the success of every project. I always say that a project is like a marriage – between the architect and the client, the client and the builder, and the architect and the builder. The collaboration with the builder was critical here in terms of problem solving to ensure the design was delivered with a detail that was not only effective and aesthetic, but also buildable.

Klinge Constructions: What’s your process for working with builders? What would make you choose one over another?

Harry Poulos: We work mostly on traditional procurement, whereby projects are documented, sent out to tender and then awarded accordingly. The criteria for invitation and selection is simple – we assess quality, fitness for the project and reputation. During the final stages of the tender appointment, we usually organise an interview with the builder and the clients. It’s here the clients can truly assess the ‘connection’ with the builder. This plays back to the idea of the marriage and ensures the client upholds their role as a key stakeholder within the project.

Other projects may be conducted by the procurement method of ‘early contractor engagement’ or rather ‘negotiated tender’ whereby the builder is introduced early on in the project, and with the client’s approval, will proceed in assisting throughout the design process. This ensures the overall budget is met and gives the builder an advantage or early interaction with the project, so site works run more smoothly.

We have run both of these projects with Klinge Constructions and have found both methods result in quality projects.

Klinge Constructions: Do you generally remain involved in a project once design is complete?

Harry Poulos: Of course! The only way to maintain the design vision is to maintain our role from brief to build. This is critical for the client and provides consistency within our projects. It is here we go back to the idea of a marriage and the critical nature of collaboration with the contractor.

Klinge Constructions: What is your favourite feature from this project?

Harry Poulos: Definitely the carport! It’s the statement and showpiece of the home, that can be viewed from the road. It sets the tone for the dwelling and has a really unique street presence. This was also a collaboration between not only us and Klinge Constructions, but also the engineers involved.

Klinge Constructions: What was the most innovative feature you implemented at Hedges?

Harry Poulos: Certainly the carport, but another great, more subtle feature is the Timber Arbour Detail that flows through the house.

Klinge Constructions: How do you find inspiration for your projects?

Harry Poulos: As an architect, I’m drawn to texture and detail – the quality of the work comes down to details and textures.  My inspiration comes from understanding the brief of the client and the context of the project and developing those ideas into a design language which reflects the intent and site.


To see more of our recently completed Gold Coast project, follow us on Instagram. If you’re interested in crafting a high-end architectural renovation of your own, get in touch with the team at Harry Poulos Architects or Klinge Constructions today.

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