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Q&A with Finlayson’s Timber and Hardware

Here at Klinge CD, we’re dedicated to working with the very best suppliers in Queensland and across the country; suppliers who are known for their quality, comprehensive range of products and sustainable practices.

One such supplier is Finlayson’s Timber and Hardware. This iconic, fourth generation family business has been around since 1875 – in fact, they had one of Queensland’s first ever sawmilling operations. Finlayson’s continues to remain at the forefront of the industry, with the company now fully focused on environmental practices, only procuring timber from sustainably managed forests.

For our latest blog, we sat down with owner, Michael Finlayson, to discuss the Finlayson’s illustrious history and how the business is responding to post-COVID-19 issues including a global timber shortage. Keep reading to hear what he had to say. 

Klinge Constructions: Tell us a little bit about Finlayson’s.

Michael Finlayson: The company was established back in 1875 by our great grandfather Charles Patterson. We’ve evolved into a trade focused seller of timber, building materials, hardware and building products.

Klinge Constructions: What are the advantages of being a fourth-generation family owned and operated business?

Michael Finlayson: Certainly flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly. Family businesses like ours are generally relationship driven with a strong focus on all stakeholders of suppliers, staff and customers being equally important. We manage the business with transparency and family values, and view each and every staff member – no matter what their role – as equal contributors to the team.

Klinge Constructions: How has the timber shortage impacted your business?

Michael Finlayson: Our trade account managers are working feverishly with our builders to change, redesign or reengineer their projects to timber sizes and grades more available, so there’s been a lot more work for each order. There are ultimately some delays to jobs.

There have also been some significant price increases across the board from both domestic and overseas suppliers, so this has impacted our business, customers and the end clients.

Klinge Constructions: How have your practices changed with the current shortage of timber?

Michael Finlayson: While we’ve always forecast and procured material in advance and allocated materials to specific builder jobs well in advance, this situation has forced us to further ensure we are prioritising our most loyal customers first. It’s also forced our customers to plan their material requirements far earlier than previously.

Klinge Constructions: Can you tell us about your commitment to sustainability?

Michael Finlayson: Our sister company Superior Wood is a responsible wood certified company and they supply us with a full chain of custody certified material. All of our major suppliers are either responsible wood or chain of custody certified, which means our clients have peace of mind that the products they’re purchasing have been sourced sustainably, ethically and legally.

Klinge Constructions: Your business handles products from plantation forest research all the way through to final product distribution. What are the benefits of this?

Michael Finlayson: Quality control and priority of supply has been particularly beneficial in recent times. We are also able to run special profiles and sizes within reasonably quick lead times.

Klinge Constructions: What was your very first product?

Michael Finlayson: In the beginning, we were both hardwood and hoop pine sawmillers, providing the complete range of products to build houses for the early settlers. From hardwood bearers, joists, studs and roof trusses to hoop pine flooring, claddings and VJ’s.

These days, the timber and building products space is ever evolving to better utilise resources, quicken build times and offer longer life in service. The growth and improvement of engineered timber flooring is a great example of this.

Klinge Constructions: You offer an astonishing 50 species of timber flooring, what would you recommend to someone building a high-end custom home?

Michael Finlayson: We specialise in both timber engineered flooring and traditional tongue and groove Australian hardwood flooring. We find high-end builds focus on the character of feature grade hardwoods, often in the form of blackbutt and spotted gum installations.

For engineered flooring, there is a move towards the neutral pallets of oak products. The white-wash tones and deep chocolate browns available in oak are particularly suitable for Hamptons-style builds. We have all of these options available at our extensive flooring showroom on Wellington Road in East Brisbane, where we can consult on both supply and installation.


To learn more about Finlayson ‘s Timber and Hardware and explore their history, product range and commitment to sustainability, visit their website today. If you’re looking to work with a high-end custom builder with strong relationships to local suppliers like Finlayson’s, get in touch with Daniel and the team at Klinge Constructions today.

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