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At Klinge Constructions, we recognise that our expertise, craftsmanship and service is only as exceptional as the materials and products we use. That’s why in every single home we build, we work with only the best materials and most reputable high-quality suppliers.

One of these brilliant suppliers is Escea, a New Zealand–based company designing and manufacturing some truly spectacular fireplaces. Escea’s range is so unique and expansive that you can find a fireplace perfect for every season and every room in the house.

In this article, we’re getting you acquainted with the brand and some of their special products that we’re proud to work with at Klinge Constructions.

Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen

Escea fireplaces combine functionality with breathtaking design. Take the EK series Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen, which is the perfect ingredient for making an outdoor space entertainment-ready. The EK series features a 13-point adjustable cooking plate, state-of-art grill and meat hooks, and a stunning and highly durable stainless steel drawer. You can also add the Pizza Oven Accessory if you’re interested in cooking the perfect wood-fired pizza at home.

If this year has taught us anything, a beautifully designed outdoor area is crucial to any modern family home. There is nothing better than soaking up the sun and enjoying a BBQ with friends and family. Escea’s Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen is the perfect way to elevate your grill game without forfeiting elegance or style.

DS Series

Looking for a sleek and minimalist fireplace that can be placed anywhere in the home? Look no further than the incredible and innovative DS Series. This double-sided fireplace is completely frameless, which means your eyes are instantly drawn to the roaring flame. Being double-sided, the DS Series fireplace is the perfect way to tie two sections of a home together, as well as heating them at the same time.

As they are not encumbered by having to be positioned in a certain place in a room, the DS series can also be turned into an elegant and bold design feature that serves as the heart of the home. This range offers a number of different fascia and fuel-bed options to ensure the design suits any home.

Flexible Flue Technology

The real magic of the DS series is in Escea’s flexible flue technology, which allows you to place a fireplace anywhere in the home. This is done via a flueing system where an externally mounted fan is placed at the end of the flue, removing the fire’s exhaust and pushing fresh air from outside for combustion.

This gives homeowners complete design freedom and flexibility to place their fireplace wherever they wish. This has been perfect for Klinge Constructions clients who may not have factored a fireplace into their initial design plans or were hoping not to mount their fireplace on a wall.

Fire Table

Love a spectacular campfire but hate the smoke and ash? Get the best of both worlds and be the envy of your friends with an Escea Fire Table. This 360-degree fireplace is the perfect place for gathering outside and sharing a meal. The Fire Table comes with three cooking modes courtesy of the company’s innovative Vortex Firecore technology, including an inner stainless steel ring for constant heat, a removable kebab holder and cooking grill.

The Fire Table is a fun and exciting way to get your family or friends engaged in the cooking process. It’s also a great product for backyard winter gatherings – you can even toast marshmallows over the flames. Like all the products mentioned above, the Fire Table is yet another testament to how Escea’s innovative and design-conscious approach to fireplaces is ideal for modern living.

Looking to install an Escea in your new home? Get in touch with the team at Klinge Constructions today.


All images from Escea Fireplaces.

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