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Friday, August 03, 2018

“The building surveyor carries out critical stage inspections”

Building certification in Queensland was privatised in 1997. A private certifier is formally known as a building surveyor - which is not to be confused with a cadastral surveyor, who surveys land

A building surveyor (certifier) is engaged as the assessment manager to assess and determine building development applications in order to issue a building approval (BA), required before building work commences. 

A building surveyor carrier out critical stage inspections during construction to ensure the building work is in accordance with relevant approval and legislative requirements under the Building Act 1975. 

At the end of construction, the owner or builder must contact the building surveyor to conduct a final inspection to ensure that the building is suitable for occupation or use. The builder or owner then gives the building surveyor the relevant required certificates and, on the final inspection (Form 21 for pools) or Certificate of Classification (Form 11 for class 2 to 9 buildings) will be issued. 

Abuilding must not be occupied or used without a final certificate. 

QUESTION: Do I need approval for my deck?

ANSWER: Decks are class 10b structures. According to the Building Regulation 2006, you will need to have approval for your deck if it is more than 1m off the natural ground, more than 10 sqm in area, more than 2.4m in height and longer than 5m along any side. 

QUESTION: What are liquidated damaged?

ANSWER: Liquidated damages are a prearranged amount that can be ducted from the contract sum for each day that the project is late in achieving practical completion. The estimate should be determined at the time the contract is signed, not at the completion of the project. It should also be a reasonable estimate of the loss that may be suffered by the other party of the project is delivered late. 

QUESTION: I have rising damp. What has caused this and how can I fix it?

ANSWER: Rising damp is found naturally in most masonry structures as the moisture in soil and masonry tries to achieve equilibrium. It can also be found where the temperature spreads from hot to cold and where dampness invades a dry area. Rising damp can be caused by the absence of an effective dampcourse or bridging of the dampcourse, condensation and lack of sub-floor ventilation, causing increased moisture. 

The rising ramp remedial workscan includes, 

- Checking that the dampcourse has not been bridged by garden beds, paving, timber sleepers etc, against the outside wall.  Install a new dampcourse

- Improve insulation, heating and air circulation and increase ventilation. It could be as simple as installing a ceiling fan or exhaust fan in a bathroom. 

- With sub-floor dampness, check all wall vents are unobstructed and sufficient in number. 


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

“Commonly a house-raise takes approximately two weeks”

I'm often asked if raising a home is a good idea. Queenslanders have been doing it for years. Lifting homes and building an extension underneath creates more liveable space, allows you to adapt to the changing needs of the environment, such as flooding, and increases the value of your home. Raising your house also enables you to add living space without increasing the footprint of your home on your existing block of land. 

It can also allow you the option to slide your home into a position that achieves the perfect aspect. You can choose to retain the existing layout of your home and add additional living space in the new area you’ve created below. Alternatively, you could use the opportunity to do a complete remodel of your home’s layout. While it is good to check pricing, the quality of the work should be the prime consideration when hiring a contractor for your house-raising project. 
Make sure your contractor has all the essential expertise in the field and will use the right materials and equipment for safe and proper house-raising. 

Depending on the size of the house the price can vary, from a small two-bedroom house ($15,000 to $19,000); a three-bedroom house ($19,000-$25,000) and a large three-bedroom house ($25,000-$35,000). (These prices do not include the cost of plans, disconnection or reconnection of services, stairs or a new concrete slab.) Commonly a house-raise takes approximately two weeks from the time the house is raised till the time it’s put back down on its new stumps.

QUESTION: My builder has told me I require a BA application even though I have a DA approval. What is the difference? 

ANSWER: A DA, which stands for Development Application/Approval, is lodged with council either by you or by your private certifier to ensure your proposed building work meets all necessary planning requirements, such as the location of your building work on your property, the land surrounding it and overlays such as flood hazards. Note that a DA is not always required. Seek advice from an experienced Town Planner. A BA is a Building Application/Approval, also known as a Building Permit. The Building Application consists of the paperwork you submit to your private certifier with the intention of receiving a BA. Your BA is an approval that ensures your building is structurally sound and will comply with necessary provisions such as fire resistance, disability access, energy efficiency, and even acoustic treatments. In Queensland, all building work requires a building approval unless it is considered self-assessable or exempt. 

QUESTION: I have an older townhouse with polystyrene tiles on the kitchen and dining-room ceilings. What’s the best way to remove them? Or can you sheet over them with Gyprock? 

ANSWER: Generally they are usually very easy to remove with a paint scraper as they will only be glued on with a very small amount of glue. You can sheet over them with Gyprock as long as you cut the sheets so you are able to get a strong fixing through to the existing timber or metal battens, etc.

QUESTION: In your experience with asbestos removal from your projects, is it better for the homeowner to engage the asbestos contractor to have the work done prior to the builder attending onsite? 

ANSWER: That is entirely up to the clients. Asbestos removal is a specialised field and is highly regulated, so we need to make sure that the contractors we use to comply. If the homeowner chooses to engage the contractor directly, we always insist on a clearance report outlining that the materials have been removed in line with the code of practice for removal of asbestos, along with reports identifying what materials have been removed so I know it’s safe for my employees and subcontractors to enter the site.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

“Renovating an existing home [costs more] than rebuilding”

A common question I am asked by potential clients is whether they should renovate their current home or demolish it and rebuild. Both options have advantages and complications.
The rule of thumb is that renovating an existing home has a higher per-square-metre cost than building a new one. Working around existing structures requires more general labour, planning and execution. But your decision should not be based solely on construction costs. There are other factors:


Is knocking down the house to build new permitted in your area? Is your current home in a Demolition Control Precinct area (DCP) or a “character coded home”? Check with a local town planner. 

Does the existing home have character and charm that you wish to maintain? Is this what made you purchase the home in the first place? Once demolished, do the boundary regulations change from the existing building? In some circumstances the new home may not be able to occupy the same position. Consider if you want to stagger your construction, as a renovation will allow you to do this, whereas a new home will not.


Are you looking to expand your family and do you need much larger areas? Would your planned extension fit on your block? Does the existing home have the desired orientation? Ideally, your living areas should be north-facing. Is major structural engineering required to fix this?

By building new and possibly going up, would you capture views that could possibly increase the overall value of the home? New homes can be built quickly, saving you time and unexpected delays. Modern materials and systems also maximise energy efficiency and reduce the overall costs associated with running your home. I strongly suggest you reach out to your local real estate agents for their professional opinion on what your home is worth now and what it might be worth renovated or built new.

QUESTION: When renovating do i need to have house insurance?

ANSWER: The answer is really simple. Yes. It is the responsibility of the property owner to effect and maintaininsurance on their own property and contents, unless the building contract you have signed states otherwise. New construction and major renovation projectscreate unique insurance challenges, so I recommend you consult with an experienced independent insurance broker before starting any works.

QUESTION:A builder on my proposed renovation wants to charge me for his quotation. Should I pay?

ANSWER: We charge a fee for our quotation process and bill of quantities, so I would say yes. Be sure to obtain quotations from specialists in their fields, such as custom home builders and renovation specialists. Do not pay for quotations from those who don’t understand your project. If you pay for a quote, it will be detailed and accurate as the builder will be prepared to spend the time required as opposed to others who will run an eye over your plans and produce an “estimate figure”.

QUESTION: I want to build a timber retaining wall. What size and type of timber should I use?

ANSWER: There are a few different types of timber sleeper walls depending on the height and theme you want to go with. If your timber sleeper wall is over the height of 1m, then a structural engineer must be engaged to design the size of timbers and footings. A sleeper wall under 1m is commonly referred to as a landscaping wall. If the wall is less than 1m, then I suggest using CCA 
(copper chrome arsenate) hardwood timber sleepers as the CCA treatment is a wood preservative and will last twice as long as untreated pine sleepers. Your general size for sleepers is 200mm x 50mm and 200mm x 75mm.

Master Builder State Housing Awards

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Klinge Constructions & Developments was awarded 2016 Queensland Renovation & Remodelling Project $ 576,000 - $ 1 million which acknowledges an extraordinary home that everyday Queenslanders can aspire to.


Master Builders’ CEO, Grant Galvin, congratulated the winners across all 53 categories.

"The Queensland Housing & Construction Awards carry a long and distinguished history of showcasing the absolute best in the industry, and the level of competition among this year’s entrants is unsurpassed," Mr Galvin said.

"Over the past couple of months our Awards program has travelled through nine regions across the state, each recognising the wide-spread talent and expertise of our industry."

"Each winner was then given the opportunity to represent their region at the prestigious Queensland Housing & Construction Awards, which after 29 years continue to be sought after by the state’s top builders and tradespeople."

"We are incredibly proud of every winner and wish them the best of luck as a selection of winners is put forward to compete against the best from each state in their respective categories at the National Excellence in Building & Construction Awards."$576,000-$1-million

Master Builder National Awards

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Master Builders National Finalist 2016 for Best Renovation & Remodelling Project $675,000 - $ 1 million.

Masters Builders Australia’s National Excellence in Building and Constructions Awards recognise innovation, value for money and quality of construction in the residential, commercial and civil construction sectors.

The winners from each state and territory compete for the prestigious national award. The awards are judged by a national panel of independent building industry experts.

Making it to the top as a finalist is one of the biggest accolades Klinge Constructions & Developments and his team can receive. Master Builders CEO Grant Galvin said “the calibre of entries at regional and state level really raised the bar on what has year on year been a very highly contested competition. What astounded us was the level of detail prevalent in all entries”.

83 Vardon St Wilson

Friday, August 12, 2016

In exclusive Wilston; this stunning Hamptons style renovation is the envy of all. With a classic Hamptons colour palette, lantern style lighting and Chippendale balustrading and balcony this home typifies timeless architecture.

Walking into the entry of the home you will greeted with Black Japan polished flooring throughout with detailed architraves and skirtings. The entry hallway leads into a large open plan living space that includes a Hamptons inspired kitchen, views out onto the entertainment deck which features a fabulous pizza oven and built in bench seating. The entertainment deck overlooks the pool and parklands featuring a classic pool pavilion for those tranquil days.

Opulent interiors of seamless living and entertaining areas both indoor and outdoor merge through corner stacker doors to enjoy the spacious backyard and beautifully landscaped gardens.

The open and airy kitchen has 40mm Calacatta bench tops that flow into the spacious butler's pantry. The kitchen also highlights a feature Schweigen undermount range hood with black 2 Pac shaker cabinetry.

Downstairs offers two of the four bedrooms both ensuited, one deluxe powder room, kitchen, living and dining room. One of the bedroom’s is the master bedroom with a luxurious Master Ensuite bathroom with a Cheshire Claw Foot Free Standing Bath opening onto large sliding doors with views to the park that bring the indoors out. The master bathroom also offers floor to ceiling black gloss subway tiles and Calacatta benchtops.

The upper floor features two more bedrooms, one ensuited, separate bathroom, casual dining room, media room, retreat, study and large stairwell foyer.

A feature of the upper floor viewed from the pool and backyard is the Conservatory style retreat with several large double hung windows and fixed glass panels for those cold winter days.

This beautiful home represents the essence of a luxurious lifestyle yet a relaxed atmosphere.

So many incredible features:

  • A Hamptons influenced gourmet kitchen; separate prep room/butler's pantry
  • Specifically designed custom built – Schweigen undermount range hood
  • Beautiful polished Black Japan floors throughout both levels
  • Ornate fixtures and fittings in all of the bathrooms
  • Marble Benchtops with under bench sinks
  • Corner stacker doors
  • Classic timber VJ’S and Weatherboards
  • Detailed Internal Staircase with feature newel posts
  • Feature oversized barn sliding door
  • Shaker style 2 Pac kitchen
  • Built-in planter box and bench seating to rear deck
  • Conservatory style retreat with large double hung windows
  • Detailed architraves and skirtings
  • Ducted Zoned Air-conditioning (smartphone control)
  • Beautiful interior pendant lights throughout
  • Luxurious Master Ensuite with freestanding bathtub
  • Feature Burnley bath set and phone
  • Calacatta Nuvo benchtops
  • Handmade Chippendale handrails to front balcony
  • Classic Hamptons colour palette
  • Victorian freestanding cooker
  • Architecturally designed by HAL Architects

137 Crosby Road Hamilton

Friday, August 12, 2016

Atop exclusive Hamilton; with a panoramic city and mountain vista, this stunning renovation is craftsman built to the owner’s brief "only the best will do". Architecturally flawless;

Sophisticated interiors of seamless living and entertaining areas both indoor and outdoor merge to enjoy the spectacular city and mountain views.

Walking into the entry of the home you will greeted with new French Oak polished flooring throughout and high ceilings which are true to its original era. The entry hallway leads into a large open plan living space that includes a fireplace, cellar and views out onto the entertainment deck which features a stunning cedar ceiling. The entertainment deck has envious outlooks of the glittering city.

The open and airy kitchen has marble bench tops that flow into the spacious butler’s pantry. The kitchen also presents a backlit island bench which becomes a striking feature at night. Leading out onto the entertainment deck and facing the west, this is the perfect space for glorious sunsets.

Encompassing 5 bedrooms and 4 opulent bathrooms, with a choice of two master ensuited bedrooms.

Downstairs offers three of the five bedrooms and a casual, rumpus style room leading onto an outdoor deck. One of the bedroom’s downstairs is the master bedroom, with views to the pool and landscaped gardens. The master bedroom also offers a raised floor with freestanding bathtub, and leads into the ensuite and walk in robe with generous storage.

This beautiful home represents the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle.

So many incredible features:

  • A Gaggeneau influenced gourmet kitchen; separate prep room/butler's pantry
  • Specifically designed custom built – floor to ceiling wine storage
  • Beautiful French oak flooring throughout both levels
  • Italian fixtures and fittings in all of the "state of the art" bathrooms
  • Marble Benchtops with underbench feature lighting
  • Corner stacker doors
  • Stained timber linings to walls and ceilings
  • Keyless entry
  • Boral face block retaining walls
  • Calcutta Marble Tiles
  • Interior vertical garden to powder room
  • Floating timber stair treads
  • Jetmaster Fireplace
  • Ducted Zoned Air-conditioning ( smartphone control )
  • Entry Water feature
  • Architecturally designed by Big House Little House

Best of Houzz 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

We have been awarded 'Best of Houzz 2015' for Design by, the leading platform for home renovation and design. Klinge Constructions & Developments was chosen by more than 25 million users that make up the Houzz community (with over 1 million in Australia). We were selected from among more than 500,000 home professionals worldwide!

The Best of Houzz awards fall under two categories: 'Design' and 'Customer Satisfaction'. Design awards are granted to home professionals whose work was the most popular among the more than 25 million monthly users on Houzz, affectionately known as 'Houzzers'.

Winners of the awards will receive a 'best of Houzz 2015' badge on their profiles to highlight their talents to the community. The badges will highlight the award winners popularity and satisfaction rating among their peers on Houzz, distinguishing them to Houzzers around the work who discover and love their work.

Jason Chuck, Managing Director of Houzz Australia, says: "It's great to see Klinge Constructions and Developments recognised as the Best of Houzz from across Australia and more than 500,000 businesses worldwide. It's a genuine tribute the their expertise when the award is judged by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts who are actively building, renovating and decorating their homes."

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Hamilton: Moving Along

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Site visit this morning to Hamilton to see how the progress is coming along. Plumbing and electrical rough in is completed and wall linings will begin in the next few days. Big House Little House have done a terrific job making sure that the living spaces face the amazing view, which we have tried to capture in the below image.

Hamilton: Work in Progress

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

After a well-deserved break for all our team at Klinge Constructions & Developments we have started the ball rolling again, and have jumped straight back in to the renovation of our Hamilton Project.

After the first week back filled with meetings with our Stair Designer, Plumber, Roofer and Electrician we are on track to deliver this high end home with the modern, cutting edge appearance that our client has requested. Luisa Interior Design also met with the clients to discuss final colours choices and finishes and we can’t wait to see the result come to life.

See below a few of the pictures we snapped while on site!